The Top 3 Signs Of Foundation Issues

Your home is most likely the most expensive thing you own, hands down. This is why it is important to make attempts to protect your home in the best way you can, and to ensure that it is fixed as soon as possible when there is an issue. Some things will cause more detrimental effects more than others, however, it is important that you know that your foundation is what your house relies on and sits on (literally!), to keep it standing as it should. There are various things regarding your foundation that have the possibility to go wrong, and when they do, you should not neglect them.

Wall Cracks

Wall cracks are a common fault in your foundation, and can also lead to basement waterproofing issues, which more or less go hand in hand. If you have wall cracks, this will jeopardize the stability of your home, and should not be ignored. However, it is a fairly easy thing to identify. When you identify a wall crack foundation issue, you will see either on the exterior or interior of your foundation walls exactly what you would think, a large crack which causes stability issues from your house settling. This can also cause things to happen when your house settles like the doors in your home sticking or appearing no longer even with the floor of your home.

Foundation Settling

Foundation Setting is an easy enough thing to diagnose if you know what to look for and how to look for it. When a home is new, it should be perfectly level from one side of the home to the other. If this changes, it will put huge stresses on the foundation of your home. This should not be ignored as a simple fix of putting in foundation piering, may become a very large issue with things like wall cracks, and floor cracks.

Cabinets moving away from the wall

Cabinets are typically mounted flush to the wall. A good indicator that your foundation has issues is that they appear to be tilting away from the wall. This typically follows the same ideology as when doors stick and do not open easily anymore.

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