How Soil Washout Causes Foundation Settlement

There are many issues that can affect the foundation of your home. These issues are sometimes amplified by severe storm especially around the foundation footing and any concrete you have around your home.

Foundation settlement occurs when the foundation of your home is not properly supported by the soil underneath. One of the main causes of a poorly supported foundation is soil washout. Soil washout occurs when large amounts of water wash away the supporting soils underneath your home causing voids to form. This can cause your foundation to sink and can even present itself as cracks in your foundation footer.

Signs Of Foundation Settlement

There are a couple of signs you can watch out for to help you identify if you have foundation settlement issues. Take a look below and check your home frequently for these signs.

  • Cracks in your foundation
  • Doors and windows are hard to open
  • Visible cracks on the exterior of your home
  • Water intrusion in your basement
  • Seperation between the foundation footer and basement walls
  • Your home has a noticable lean

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