Protect Your Home’s Foundation from Water 

Many homes with basements have standard drain tile systems, which are used to redirect the flow of water away from the foundation. This is a crucial element to maintain the soil stability along your foundation’s footer and prevent damaging situations like flooding or slab cracking.

How Drain Tiles Work

Drain tile actually refers to a type of perforated pipe that’s used in the construction and maintenance of a building’s foundation. During a heavy rain or thaw event, the drain tile works to redirect the water away from a home’s foundation. A typical 4” drain tile creates a flow rate when half filled that pulls the soil fines through its system and then flushes them out to your sump pit where it’s redirected away from your home. 

This can cause two important issues. First, your sump pump must work harder to extract the soil filled water through your evacuation pipe. This will eventually lead to your overworked sump pump wearing out. Second, this method is gradually removing soil from your foundation, which can eventually weaken your foundation. This problem is accelerated if the drain tile system is installed at a sloping angle.

A Better Solution

Traditional drain tile systems can often lead to a number of complications such as basement leaks, mold growth, and foundation issues. Kennedy and Sons offers the EZflow® French Drain system, which promotes a better flow rate through a unique gravel-free design. EZflow utilizes Poly-Rock™ aggregate that performs 30% better than gravel or pipe and protects your home’s foundation from heavy water flow. The lightweight aggregate used in EZflow systems is made from 100% recycled materials and is designed to be long lasting. 

Benefits of the EZflow® French Drain System

  • Quick and easy installation without the need for heavy equipment
  • Durable material made to last 100+ years
  • Increased capacity provides a better flow rate
  • Can be used in multiple applications including retaining walls, foundation/perimeter drains, and landscape drains

If you would like to learn more about the free flow drainage systems offered by Kennedy and Sons, contact us today!