Wall Cracks in Huntsville

This is another common structural problem seen on all types of homes. It is usually a result of the natural shrinking and curing process of concrete. However, sometimes their appearance could be a warning sign of an underlying structural problem that needs immediate attention.

Cracks are sometimes an indication that the foundation is settling. Often times, when the home's base is in poorly backfilled or weak soil, it will start to sag deeper and deeper into the earth. This puts a lot of pressure on the walls, and eventually it can cause them to become weak or brittle in certain areas. It is also common to see the problem on walls that are bowing or leaning into the home as it indicates that there is excessive hydrostatic pressure in the earth.

Our Huntsville foundation repair specialists can fix: horizontal, vertical, and stair-step wall cracks.

foundation cracks

Epoxy Injection and Piering

To take care of the initial cause of the problem if it's from settlement, our Hunstville foundation repar specialists at Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions can install Magnum® push and helical piers around the damaged wall. Next, to fill and seal the crack to make sure that seepage can't get inside, we will make use of an epoxy injection technique. This will involve cleaning the surface of the wall, and then inserting the epoxy material into the opening to fill it up from the earth to the surface. The material cures and hardens quickly.