Pipe Penetration Sealing

When a home is being built, there will be gas, water, and sewer lines that have to go through the foundation walls. The area where the pipe actually meets the wall is usually sealed during the time of construction by the builder. A common waterproofing problem we see is, as time passes, the seal can become very weak and leaks will form around the pipes coming through the walls. Additionally, if there is a constant rising and falling water table around the home due to a drought or an excessively rainy season, it can put a lot of force on these pipes from the outside. This can also weaken the seal, making it easier for moisture to seep into the basement and cause problems.

Warning Signs of a Problem

  • Water can be seen leaking down the walls
  • Stains appear on surface of wall or floor
  • Puddles collect along the cove joint (where the wall and floor meet)
  • Mold can be seen developing on surfaces (may look fuzzy)

Epoxy Injection

To take care of the problem, our professionals at Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions can make use of an epoxy material to fill around and seal the pipe area. The material cures quickly and will harden, thus preventing moisture intrusion once and for all.

epoxy in basement cracks