Homeowners will know if they have this problem in their basements if they see a white, chalky material on the walls. While it is sometimes mistaken for mold growth, it doesn't pose the same health problems for humans. The appearance of this substance often indicates that there is some kind of issue with moisture in the concrete originating from beneath your Huntsville home. Typically speaking, seepage will make its way into the basement environment via cracks or crevices in the walls, and once inside, the moisture evaporates, leaving behind the white mineral. As mentioned above, efflorescence isn't something that is going to cause health issues, or even structural problems. However, the appearance of moisture beneath the home will cause damage. It can eventually cause wooden support beams and floor joists to rot, warp, and decay, and it can also trigger the development of mold or bacteria.

efflorenscene on wall

Crack Repair and Exterior Waterproofing

Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions can take care of the problem by filling in and sealing any cracks in the walls or floors through a process known as epoxy injection. This will involve cleaning off the damaged surface area, and the epoxy material will be injected into the opening. It cures and hardens quickly. Reach out to Kennedy and Sons for all of your Huntsville crack repair and exterior waterproofing needs.

Additionally, outside of the home, a waterproofing membrane will be placed over the foundation wall. It is designed with tiny holes inside of it where moisture can pass through and into a drainage system.

basement waterproofing system