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The Best In Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Products, Manufactured In The U.S.A.

At Kennedy and Sons Structural Solutions, we take the quality and craftsmanship of the products we use very seriously. In order to guarantee the longevity of the Huntsville structural foundation repairs and basement waterproofing we perform, we make use of some of the best quality products available. These include industry-leading systems created by SafeBasements™ right here in America. When combined with industry experts, certified training, and a passion to provide our customers with a cost effective and high quality solution for their problems, we take pride in knowing that we've given every customer the same level of service that we would expect for our own projects.

Our goal is simple: find the cause of the problem and fix it permanently, do not patch or put a quick fix onto someone's home, and create a customized solution that we can guarantee for a lifetime. Contact us when you are in need of a Huntsville structural foundation repair or basement waterproofing.

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Don and Jeff Kennedy


It is our mission to provide safe, effective, and professional residential house moving as well as commercial property moving solutions, together with the services that are needed to keep the base of the building stable, dry, and secure, Huntsville structural foundation repair, waterproofing, and crawl space encapsulation solutions. Whether this means installing special systems to keep moisture out, or adding piering systems to prevent damage to the structural integrity of a location, or helping improve the air quality in the home by performing mold remediation - we can help. There is no job too big or complex for our team to handle, and that is a guarantee.

We feel as if we stand out from our competitors in the business because we provide thorough inspections and repairs, exceptional customer service, and we know that taking care of our customer's needs is our top priority. We are concerned about the well-being of your safety in your home or business. When you call us for Huntsville structural foundation repair, you will talk with an actual staff member, maybe even one of the company's owners, and not someone in a call center 100 miles away.


  • Arriving on time and prepared for appointments
  • Showing up in a clearly marked vehicle so that you know who we are
  • Being respectful of your property and personal belongings
  • Providing effective, lasting solutions to problems
  • Addressing the root cause of issues, and not applying "band-aids"
  • Providing personalized, one-on-one attention for each project
  • Engineering available upon request
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Sump Pumps

Made in USA! Best pumps and warranty on the market today.

SafeBase™ Push &
Helical Piers

USA steel! Engineered, patented and USA built with 107 years of combined experience to be the strongest in the industry.

SafeBasements Crawlspace
Stabilization Piers

Cracks in sheet rock? Bouncy Floors? Our secondary floor piers and girders are the answer!


Ugly, cracked concrete? Cover with our granulated rubber. Safe, fashionable and 10 degrees cooler! No mold, no germs!

Lintel Lift

LOOK UP! Cracks over your garage? It’s not your foundation, it is your inadequate brick lintel and it is falling! USA made, 4 hour install, fashionable, no brick removal and safe repair!

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